It took me so long to actually start wearing glasses on a regular basis. In the beginning, it would only be the occasional, brief use when I really couldn’t see what was happening on the white board. Then I gradually started to wear them more during class purely out of necessity, but the second class ended, I would bury them at the bottom of my backpack, choosing to walk around campus blindly instead.
Over the years, the friendship between me and my glasses has gotten more amicable, to the point where I now hang out with them at least 10 hours a day. But looking back, my refusal to wear glasses wasn’t just about how uncomfortable it was to have something perched on my nose or how they made me look – it was also because I got used to seeing things a little blurry. When you’ve looked in the mirror and seen your slightly blurry face reflected back at you for the past ten years of your life, it’s frankly jarring and a little terrifying to finally see yourself crystal clear, to finally face all of the acne and triple chins and flab and imperfections. That was one reason why I hated looking in the mirror with glasses on and avoided it like the plague.
But the more you do some things in life, the easier they get. Sometimes I would accidentally look into the mirror with glasses on, or see my reflection on a store front, and as these occurrences accumulated, I started to get used to seeing me and what I actually looked like. And then something strange happened – I started to voluntarily look in the mirror, often pointing out things that I liked about myself. Now that I could clearly see the curve of my nose, the shape of my lips, the long strands of hair – everything that made me, me – I could finally begin to find self love and self acceptance.
And that’s how glasses helped me accept the way I look, flaws and all. They continue to help me practice self love every day and help me find the particular beauty in everything and everyone I see. 💜




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