In my prepubescent and stick-thin days, me and the word “unflattering” never crossed paths. I could wear any silhouette or cut or color and it would still look “good.” Now, tens of pounds later, I hear the word all. the. time. Somehow boxy t-shirts, body-con dresses and super skinny jeans have now fallen into the category of the unflattering, never-dare-you-wear, just because a few extra curves and folds have popped up here and there. But unflattering to whom? Is the fashion police going to come get me if I break some made-up rules? It’s been hammered over and over again into our heads that skinny is beautiful and that everyone should strive to look as thin as possible. Well excuse me, but I’ll wear whatever the h*ll I want and feel fantastic doing so. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And I’ll live my life and wear my clothes by my rules, thank you very much 💜


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