Retail therapy makes the world go round, and boy have I done some retail therapy lately. The only problem is (well, full transparency, not only problem but whatever) I’m kind of addicted to those sketchy-looking Asian shopping sites that have everything for prices that make alarm bells go off in your head. But the bigger issue is that almost every piece of clothing that I buy would only fit someone half the size of me. It’s like playing roulette, even with the XL and XXL sizes.
It also doesn’t help that the photos on the sites make the clothes look so big and baggy and comfy that it’s so easy to overlook the fact that the models wearing them definitely do not look like me at all. When the order finally comes after a month of eager anticipation (because, you know, sketchy Asian websites), imagine my disappointment when I can only fit one of my arms through. Sighhh the struggle is real. I guess it’s time to swear off these sites and find retail therapy elsewhere 💜


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